Our Story

Democracy Prep Charter School first opened its doors in August 2006 and currently educates scholars in Grades 6 through 8. On account of the tremendous growth scholars have demonstrated each year, Democracy Prep Charter School was ranked the number one public middle school and the number one charter school in the entire city on the 2010 Chancellor’s Progress Report. Upon completion of 8th Grade, scholars transition to Democracy Prep Charter High School where they continue on their paths to success in college and citizenship.

Nakita Green

Lucy Schultz

6 – 8

245 Scholars

The DREAM Team

Nakita Green


Lucy Schultz

Assistant Principal

Jamie McCoy

Teacher Resident

Brian Serzan

6th Grade Science Teacher | Grade Level Leader

Laurin Green

6th Grade Literature Studies Teacher

Denonte Mckinney

6th Grade Literature Studies Teacher

Nathaniel Saslow

6th Grade Math Teacher

Yvonne Jewnell

6th Grade Global Literacy Teacher

Marlon Cadore

6th Grade Math Teacher

Luke Devlin

6th Grade Writing Teacher

Esmé Douglas

6th Grade Math Teacher

Tyler Dawson

6th Grade Literature Studies Teacher

Laura Quezada

7th Grade Literature Studies Teacher | Grade Level Leader

John Burke

7th Grade Science Teacher

Lauren Thompson

7th Grade Literature Studies Teacher

Cory Brown

7th Grade Math Teacher | ACT Coordinator

Katherine Modesitt

7th Grade Writing Teacher

Alondra Lopez

7th Grade Literature Studies Teacher

Rachelle Egipeiaco

7th Grade Math Teacher

Joshua Denton

7th Grade History Teacher

Kelsey Brown

8th Grade Literature Studies Teacher | Grade Level Leader

Long Tran

8th Grade Math Teacher

Brittany Bullock

8th Grade Math Teacher

Ariel Bishop

8th Grade History Teacher

Christopher Javier

8th Grade Math Teacher

Chantel Vactor

8th Grade Writing Teacher

Matthew Bamberger

8th Grade Science Teacher

Nicole Harewood

Music Teacher

Clifford Simmons

Physical Education Teacher

Kasie Patlove

Theater Teacher

Marlene Aponte

Operations Manager

Nathalie De Los Santos

Operations Associate

Yohanna Mercedes


Sherifa Gayle

Senior Registrar

Elaina Amesquita

Operations & Technology Associate

Kristen Strickland

Social Worker

Herschel Howell

Dream Coach

DPNY Board of Directors

To contact the Democracy Prep Charter High School Board, please email Boardoftrustees@DemocracyPrep.org

For information about the DPNY Board of Trustees, including minutes and upcoming meeting dates, click here.